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specific mental functions

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Attention functions Memory functions Psychomotor functions Emotional functions Perceptual functions Thought functions Higher-level cognitive functions Mental functions of language
Specific mental functions of focusing on an external stimulus or internal experience for the required period of time. Specific mental functions of registering and storing information and retrieving it as needed. Specific mental functions of control over both motor and psychological events at the body level. Specific mental functions related to the feeling and affective components of the processes of the mind. Specific mental functions of recognizing and interpreting sensory stimuli. Specific mental functions related to the ideational component of the mind. Specific mental functions especially dependent on the frontal lobes of the brain, including complex goal-directed behaviours such as decision-making, abstract thinking, planning and carrying out plans, mental flexibility, and deciding which behaviours are appropriate under what circumstances; often called executive functions. Specific mental functions of recognizing and using signs, symbols and other components of a language.

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Calculation functions Mental function of sequencing complex movements Experience of self and time functions Specific mental functions, other specified and unspecified
Specific mental functions of determination, approximation and manipulation of mathematical symbols and processes. Specific mental functions of sequencing and coordinating complex, purposeful movements. Specific mental functions related to the awareness of one's identity, one's body, one's position in the reality of one's environment and of time.

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