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specific mental functions
b144 Memory functions
Specific mental functions of registering and storing information and retrieving it as needed.

functions of short-term and long-term memory, immediate, recent and remote memory; memory span; retrieval of memory; remembering; functions used in recalling and learning, such as in nominal, selective and dissociative amnesia

consciousness functions (b110); orientation functions (b114); intellectual functions (b117); attention functions (b140); perceptual functions (b156); thought functions (b160); higher-level cognitive functions (b164); mental functions of language (b167); calculation functions (b172)

b1440 b1441 b1442 b1448 b1449
Short-term memory Long-term memory Retrieval of memory Memory functions, other specified Memory functions, unspecified
Mental functions that produce a temporary, disruptable memory store of around 30 seconds duration from which information is lost if not consolidated into long-term memory. Mental functions that produce a memory system permitting the long-term storage of information from short-term memory and both autobiographical memory for past events and semantic memory for language and facts. Specific mental functions of recalling information stored in long-term memory and bringing it into awareness.

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