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specific mental functions
b164 Higher-level cognitive functions
Specific mental functions especially dependent on the frontal lobes of the brain, including complex goal-directed behaviours such as decision-making, abstract thinking, planning and carrying out plans, mental flexibility, and deciding which behaviours are appropriate under what circumstances; often called executive functions.

functions of abstraction and organization of ideas; time management, insight and judgement; concept formation, categorization and cognitive flexibility

memory functions (b144); thought functions (b160); mental functions of language (b167); calculation functions (b172)

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Abstraction Organization and planning Time management Cognitive flexibility Insight Judgement Problem-solving Higher-level cognitive functions, other specified
Mental functions of creating general ideas, qualities or characteristics out of, and distinct from, concrete realities, specific objects or actual instances. Mental functions of coordinating parts into a whole, of systematizing; the mental function involved in developing a method of proceeding or acting. Mental functions of ordering events in chronological sequence, allocating amounts of time to events and activities. Mental functions of changing strategies, or shifting mental sets, especially as involved in problem-solving. Mental functions of awareness and understanding of oneself and one's behaviour. Mental functions involved in discriminating between and evaluating different options, such as those involved in forming an opinion. Mental functions of identifying, analysing and integrating incongruent or conflicting information into a solution .

Higher-level cognitive functions, unspecified

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