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specific mental functions
b167 Mental functions of language
Specific mental functions of recognizing and using signs, symbols and other components of a language.

functions of reception and decryption of spoken, written or other forms of language such as sign language; functions of expression of spoken, written or other forms of language; integrative language functions, spoken and written, such as involved in receptive, expressive, Broca's, Wernicke's and conduction aphasia

attention functions (b140); memory functions (b144); perceptual functions (b156); thought functions (b160); higher-level cognitive functions (b164); calculation functions (b172); mental functions of complex movements (b176); Chapter 2 Sensory Functions and Pain; Chapter 3 Voice and Speech Functions

b1670 b1671 b1672 b1678 b1679
Reception of language Expression of language Integrative language functions Mental functions of language, other specified Mental functions of language, unspecified
Specific mental functions of decoding messages in spoken, written or other forms, such as sign language, to obtain their meaning. Specific mental functions necessary to produce meaningful messages in spoken, written, signed or other forms of language. Mental functions that organize semantic and symbolic meaning, grammatical structure and ideas for the production of messages in spoken, written or other forms of language.

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