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Walking and moving
d450 Walking
Moving along a surface on foot, step by step, so that one foot is always on the ground, such as when strolling, sauntering, walking forwards, backwards, or sideways.

walking short or long distances; walking on different surfaces; walking around obstacles

transferring oneself (d420); moving around (d455)

d4500 d4501 d4502 d4503 d4508 d4509
Walking short distances Walking long distances Walking on different surfaces Walking around obstacles Walking, other specified Walking, unspecified
Walking for less than a kilometre, such as walking around rooms or hallways, within a building or for short distances outside. Walking for more than a kilometre, such as across a village or town, between villages or across open areas. Walking on sloping, uneven, or moving surfaces, such as on grass, gravel or ice and snow, or walking aboard a ship, train or other vehicle. Walking in ways required to avoid moving and immobile objects, people, animals, and vehicles, such as walking around a marketplace or shop, around or through traffic or other crowded areas.

Illustrations copyright by TAI TAKAHASHI, International University of Health and Welfare.