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Walking and moving

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Walking Moving around Moving around in different locations Moving around using equipment
Moving along a surface on foot, step by step, so that one foot is always on the ground, such as when strolling, sauntering, walking forwards, backwards, or sideways. Moving the whole body from one place to another by means other than walking, such as climbing over a rock or running down a street, skipping, scampering, jumping, somersaulting or running around obstacles. Walking and moving around in various places and situations, such as walking between rooms in a house, within a building, or down the street of a town. Moving the whole body from place to place, on any surface or space, by using specific devices designed to facilitate moving or create other ways of moving around, such as with skates, skis, or scuba equipment, or moving down the street in a wheelchair or a walker.

Illustrations copyright by TAI TAKAHASHI, International University of Health and Welfare.